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No More Regrets: Available Summer 2014

No Regrets Thumb

When you lose everything in life, regret seems to be the only option.

A New Adult Romance







Spring/Summer 2014: My First, My Last: A Novel

Due to a high demand and many emails from my readers I decided to make my short story (which is free by the way) My First, My Last into a novel.  If you’re a fan of first love reunited stories, this one’s for you.  While the characters and the story line are completely different than in My First, My Last (short story), the premise will be similar.

Warning: This one will be sweeter, hotter, exciting, heart-wrenching, sexy and more complicated than the short. Get the hose and ice ready, because you will need them to cool down. There’s nothing better than first-love reunited.

It will have a HEA (Happy-Ever-After) ending.

Cover coming soon.

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